Zero 8 Electric Scooter Detailed Review

Electric scooters and other renewables are quickly becoming more and more popular. As they offer a fast, fun, and eco-friendly way to get around a city. As an entry-level electric scooter, the Zero 8 electric scooter is at the top of its class. Cheap enough to be affordable, yet still powerful enough to be a serious mode of transportation.

This Zero 8 review dives deep into the entry-level little brother to the Zero 9 from the legendary line of Zero electric scooters. The Zero 8 is Zero’s basic entry-level electric scooter and an attractive offering for riders who love the basic Xiaomi M365 or shared scooter, but want a faster top speed, better range, better ride, and more compact folding. The Zero 8 is a tuned-down budget version of the formidable Zero 9 electric scooter.

Zero 8 Electric Scooter

Zero 8 Electric Scooter – A Detailed Review

Below is the in-depth review of this scooter, check it out.

Top Speed, Range, and Braking efficiency

The top speed of zero out is 23.1mph. The Zero 8 has a 480 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The range of the Zero to be 22.3 miles, under real-world riding conditions. The Zero 8 has a 500-watt electric motor that is powered by a 20-amp controller. It accelerates to 15 mph in 4.9 seconds and reaches 20 mph in 8.4 seconds. This feels quick, but not fast. The scooter is ridden as quickly as possible in the fastest (least energy-conserving) mode.

The Zero 8 features high quality cable-activated rear drums brakes. The brake functions well and is one of our preferred brake types due to its strength. Additionally, drum brakes are one of the most durable and robust because the brake is filling enclosed in the hub. The Zero 8 has a somewhat unique design that incorporates both the motor and drum brake into the rear hub.

Construction and Build quality

Zero has an excellent reputation for build quality and Zero 8 is no different. The entire scooter is solid, even the adjustable and foldable joints.

Zero 8 is the least expensive entry into the Zero line of electric scooters. It is a well-rounded model with a powerful motor, deep battery capacity, and great range. The Zero 8 crushes its nearest Joyor electric scooter competitors, which have underpowered motors adjustments of the D5+ out of the box to get it more dialed in. Even after tuning, the D5+ will still have some of these quirks.

Portability and compactness

The Zero 8 tips the scales at 40 lbs and is quite portable. This is light enough for most to carry up a flight of stairs or lift occasionally. Where the Zero 8 shines is in the various mechanisms that allow it to fold down into a very compact 39-inch by 7-inch by 14-inch package. The Zero 8, like the Zero 9, its beefier older brothers, has multiple mechanisms for reducing the size of the scooter.

These are:

  1. Folding handlebars
  2. Stem folding mechanism
  3. Stem telescoping mechanism

We note that these mechanisms are all of excellent quality. When fully expanded and locked into position, they are solid and you won’t notice any slop or wobble. The folding handlebars, once expanded, use an additional screw mechanism to lock solidly into place. The folding mechanism connected to the stem and deck collapses quickly via a beautiful anodized tab. When fully expanded, this mechanism is tight and completely solid. Finally, the telescoping stem also collapses down completely, further reducing the dimensions of the Zero 9.

Design and Display

The display LCD, similar to that of other Zero and Dualtron models, integrates the power button, mode button, and throttle control. The display features a speedometer, trip odometer, battery level, and “gear” display. The “gear” refers not to a physical gear setting, like in an automobile, but the speed controller mode. You can adjust how aggressive the Zero 8 is through the gear setting, at a cost of decreased range. The rear drum brake is controlled with a left-hand brake lever. The fairly wide handlebars, which fold for storage and transportation, allow for a very natural position and give the rider excellent stability and control over the scooter.

Additionally, the handlebar height is completely adjustable via the telescoping neck of the electric scooter. Also, Zero 8 has 18.2-inches by 6.2-inches of usable deck space. The deck also has 4.2-inches of ground clearance. The deck-to-handlebar height is adjustable from 27.6-inches to 38.4-inches.

Tires and Mounted Light

The Zero 8 has a forward-facing fender and deck lights as well as rear (red) deck lights. The lights are decently bright, but their low position is not optimal for lighting up dark roads or being visible to other vehicles at a distance. For riding safely at night, consider additional lighting. The Zero 8 features an 8” pneumatic (air-filled) front tire and solid (airless) rear tire. We would prefer dual pneumatic tires, due to the performance benefits.

Comfort Level and Off-roading

The Zero 8 has smallish tires, one of which is pneumatic. It also has both a front and rear spring suspension to provide additional cushion to the ride. This does help to make up for the lack of an additional pneumatic cushion in the rear. The motor is powerful enough to take you up steep inclines (though don’t expect top speed). It is also a great scooter for heavier riders for whom a 250 watt motor (from models like the GXL V2 or Xiaomi M365) is underpowered for practical use.

For even more power and better hill climbing capability, consider the Zero 9 which has a 600-watt motor and 624 watt-hour battery pack.

Power and Battery backup

Equipped with a 500W motor paired with a 20A controller, the ZERO 8 offers more than adequate zippiness, especially in upslope conditions. The ZERO 8 does not groan when going up a 15-degree slope with a 150lbs load. It simply just goes without hesitation.

The 500 watt rear hub motor helps you leave other entry-level e-scooters in your dust. And with the 48v 13ah battery, you’ll still be going after everyone else has had to plugin. You’ll be cruising smoothly with the front and rear suspension, along with the 8″ front pneumatic tire, and ride fearlessly after the sun’s gone done thanks to the 3 bright front lights and 2 rear brake lights.

Features of Zero 8

Manufacturer                                  Unicool

Weight                                             40 lb

Folded dimensions                         38 by 7 by 14 in

Motor power                                   500 watts

Top speed                                        22 mph

Range                                               22 mi

Battery capacity                              624 Wh

Battery recharge time                    5 to 7 hours

Max rider weight                            220 lbs

Brake type                                       Electronic + Drum

Tire type                                          8.5-inch Pneumatic + Solid

Builtin lights                                  Front + Rear + Stem + Deck

Waterresistant                               Some, no official IP

Why Buy it?

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Pros and Cons of Zero 8 Electric Scooter

Zero 8 Electric Scooter

  • Great range
  • Folds compactly
  • Good hill climbing ability
  • Zero 8 has a 6-month warranty.
  • Weight makes it less portable
  • Solid rear tire

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Wrap Up

Since Zero 8 is the least expensive entry into the Zero line of electric scooters. It is a well-rounded model with a powerful motor, deep battery capacity, and great range. The Zero 8 crushes its nearest Joyor electric scooter competitors, which have underpowered motors.

Well, it can be one of the best choices among all the scooter brands available in the market.

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