Unagi Electric Scooter Detailed Review

This Unagi review is an in-depth glance at the latest version of Unagi’s electric scooter, the Model One i.e. E500. The scooter is beautifully designed with low maintenance and has an industry-leading warranty.

The Unagi Model One is an advanced bike produced using lightweight fascinating materials including aluminum, magnesium carbon fiber, and aluminum. It is planned in light of convenience and has a quick folding component, satisfying feel, and zero-maintenance tires and brakes. If you have the budget for it, this is a high-end scooter to investigate.

Unagi Electric Scooter

Unagi Scooter Detailed Review

Below are the best things about this electric scooter, check them out.

Range and speed

The Unagi Model One has two variants: the E250 and the E500. The E250 is the more reasonable model. It has a 250-watt front-wheel engine and LG battery cells. The E500 additionally has astounding batteries, however, it has two engines: a 250-watt engine in the front and 250 watts engine in the back.

With the single-engine, you can get up 6-degree slopes, while the E450 helps the bike’s capacity to 15-degree slants. As far as speed and range, it would seem that the two adaptations can get you up to 17 mph, and a 15.5-mile on the go. Max. range of approx. 24.95 km (15.5 miles). Please note, variables such as rider weight, speed, terrain, incline, etc. will impact overall performance. For best results, try to ride on smooth and flat surfaces. To get that top range, you’ll need to ride more slowly.

Build quality and Construction

The Model One has a truly great build quality. The parent company features the handlebar, which is a lightweight magnesium combination. The choke, brake, horn, and front light are inherent. The deck is produced using one bit of machined aluminum.

It has implanted silicone on the top for a better foothold. At 22-24 pounds, the bike is on the lighter side. It can hold as much as 220 pounds. To overlay the bike, you simply press a catch, and it folds up utilizing a tempered steel pivot framework. This scooter also offers a great road grip due to widened tires which make it able to ride with good comfort. They’re 7.5 inches and strong elastic, so they make your ride much smoother as they are puncture-proof too.

Since strong elastic tires regularly bring about uneven riding, Unagi has inherent air pockets that spread around the wheel, basically making stun retention. The last little development note: the kickstand was planned in-house and is smooth and solid.

Appearance and Design

Proceeding onwards to the design segment of our Unagi Model One. The design of the Unagi Model One is phenomenally smooth, glossy, and cleaned flawlessly. Completely collapsing yet keeping up full usefulness, this upscale bike makes certain to blow some people’s minds. The plan of the Model One is especially “toning it down would be ideal”, adopting a grand moderate strategy to convey a smooth and smoothed out the scooter. Taking a gander at the Model One, it’s hard not to see the eventual fate of the electric bike plan; the old and obsolete brake switches have been supplanted by electric brake catches, with gear switches arranged legitimately underneath. An extra back bumper foot brake is additionally included.

The 7.5″ cut evidence, strong elastic tires further verify the game-changing plan of Unagi, air pockets spread all through the wheel periphery, going about as both front and back suspension frameworks. A completely positioned focal presentation shows riders their speed, battery life, all-out separation voyaged, and current apparatus. Front, back and side lights additionally included to guarantee riders are seen and safe, regardless of what time. Nonetheless, when riding around evening time, we suggest wearing a high-apprehensible coat and protective cap to avoid any mishap.

Power delivery and Battery capacity

Tt’s crazy fast charging time of just 4-5 hours; making it one of the fastest charging electric scooters currently available on the market. The only other high-performance scooter we’ve reviewed to offer such rapid charging time is the Boosted Rev. Giving credit where it’s due, we believe the secret is in the premium 9.0Ah capacity ion battery used. Furthermore, Unagi has gone to great lengths to ensure the protection and continued operation of the Model One’s battery.

Their intelligent battery management system ensures protection against short-circuiting, over current, overcharging, over-discharge protection, and also temperature abnormality. It even includes under-voltage automatic sleeping to ensure that your battery doesn’t drain from low voltage charging. In terms of actual battery life, you should expect an average lifespan of 3+ years or 500-1000+ charges before any faults arise.

Weight, it can bear

Whilst there is no official statement on the minimum recommended weight for the Model One; with it weighing just 10.43 kg, controlling this scooter shouldn’t pose any issue at all. The light yet highly durable aluminum/carbon fiber frame allows for a maximum weight limit of up to 125 kg! However, Unagi doesn’t recommend this scooter for anyone over the height of 198 cm (6″49). Due to these factors, we believe that this ride is perfect for anyone between 4″5-6″4 between 35-125 kg.

Riding Modes

Top speed of up to 27.4 km/h, with three riding modes to choose from (beginner, advanced & professional). Each of these modes offers varying top speeds and acceleration power.

  • Beginner mode: 17.7 km/h
  • Advanced mode: 20.9 km/h
  • Professional mode: 27.4 km/h

Comfortable ride and off-roading

Starting with safety, the Unagi Model One features additional sidelights, alongside a front and rear headlight; helping you stay seen and safe, no matter the time. Believe us, the LED lights are certainly bright enough; however, for night rides, we recommend wearing a high-visibility jacket and your helmet – better safe than sorry. The brakes offer ample performance and excellent responsiveness, giving the Model One a braking distance of just 4 meters from top speed (27.4 km/h). With everything so conveniently located, reaching for your horn whilst pushing on the electric brakes is effortless, as it’s all in the same region. As such, performing multiple actions in the heat of the moment is easily possible for even newer riders.

Speaking of newer riders, the Model One also features 3 ride settings or gears, each with varying acceleration power and top speeds; perfect for new and experienced riders alike, select the gear to best suit your skill level. Furthermore, those incredible puncture-proof rubber tires soak up harsh hits and offer incredible grip; perfect for roadside performance, as a puncture on the road is potentially dangerous. Whilst this eScooter is suitable for roadside use, the relatively low top speed puts riders at risk from cars and other motor vehicles. As such, we recommend you stick to the roadside and pavement like glue; stay safe – wear a high-visibility jacket and your helmet whenever you can.

Key Features of Unagi Scooter


The main safety feature on the Model One scooters is the monitoring system for the motor. Since overheating is a common problem, the system checks for that. We couldn’t find anything about UL certification, however. Lighting is also important for rider safety. The Unagis have an LED front light and red rear LED light. The horn is another useful feature.

Customer service

Unagi will let you try a scooter for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you can return it for free. Their warranties are excellent. There’s a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 2-year (or 500 cycles) warranty for the battery, a 2-year warranty for the electronics, and a 1-year warranty for the parts. It’s also worth noting that on their website, there’s a handy quick start guide, where you can read about the components, assembly, folding, dashboard, and more. Unagi got their start on Kickstarter, so they have a lot of experience directly communicating with customers.

Suitable for whom?

A common description of the Unagi Model One scooter is that these are scooters for grown-ups. With such solid, thoughtful construction and attention to detail, these are scooters meant to last a long time and keep performing.

That’s what you’re paying for. If you want a scooter that’s more than just a fun way to sometimes get around your city or neighborhood, you’ll love the Unagi. If you’re serious about electric scooters, the Unagi holds up.

Specifications of Unagi Scooter

Manufacturer                                Unagi

Weight                                            26 lb (12 kg)

Folded dimensions                        38 x 17 x 15 in (97 x 43 x 38 cm)

Motor power, continuous            Dual 250 watts

Top speed                                        20 mph (unlocked)

Range                                              16 mi (25 km)

Battery capacity                             282 Wh

Battery recharge time                   4 hours

Max rider weight                            220 lbs (100 kg)

Brake type                                        Electronic + Foot

Tire type                                           7.5″ Honeycomb

Built-in lights                                   Yes

Water resistant                               IP54

Warranty                                        1 Year

Pros and Cons of Unagi Electric Scooter


Unagi Electric Scooter

  • Fully folding
  • IP54 waterproof rated
  • Choose from two models
  • Front, side, and rear LED lights
  • Incredibly sleek and slipstream design
  • Extremely lightweight – weighs just 10.43 kg
  • Innovative 7.5″ puncture-proof rubber wheels
  • Superfast charging – Charges in just 4-5 hours
  • A smart battery management system prevents malfunction
  • Choose between 3 riding modes: beginner, expert & professional
  • Fairly expensive
  • Relatively low top speed
  • Both models very similar

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Wrap Up

Model One is about three things:

  • Beautiful design
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support/warranty

So it gives the customer a great package with overall good performance and looks. However, I am really impressed with all the Unagi features, including the construction, motor system, and warranty. It’s a sleek, stylish scooter great for commuting or exploring, and customers seem to love it.

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