Segway Ninebot ES4 Detailed Review

Segway is a notable and all-around adored brand in the individual vehicle market, however, how does their electric KickScooter stack up. The Segway Ninebot Kick bike ES4 has an incredible engine and battery, which gives it the extraordinary speed and the absolute best reach you can discover. It’s an extraordinary electric worker bike with not many drawbacks other than the exorbitant cost tag. The Segway ES4 is a ground-breaking electric bike and a commendable replacement to Ninebot’s past models.

The Segway ES4 is the newest addition to their ES line of electric scooters – that is what “ES” stands for, after all. Since the ES1, Segway has intended for this series to offer faster speeds and strong battery life. Each new model acquired more upgrades and more modifications than the last.

The ES4 electric scooter is Segway’s newest combination of extra features in a faster and more powerful unit. Segway is known for pushing the envelope of electric devices in several areas, including safety, comfort, and technological advances. We’ll see soon enough if it deserves to have a reputation as one of the finest and most advanced electric scooters we’ve seen to date.

Segway Ninebot ES4


Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter – Detailed Review

Below is the in-depth review of this scooter, check it out.

The ES4 is an amazing electric bike. The engine has a crest intensity of 800 watts, which makes it one of the more great bikes out there. At the normal yield, we’re taking a gander at 300 watts. It additionally has two batteries – an interior one and an outer one. That additional outer battery is the thing that gives it a maximum scope of 28 miles. If your drive is long, you’ll need that battery power.

On the off chance that you needn’t bother with it, you can separate the outer battery and simply depend on the inside one. Concerning speed, the ES4 is a redesign of Segway’s more established ES2 and ES3 models. The ES4 can get up to 19 mph. To save money on influence, there’s a speed limit mode, just as a norm and sports mode. On the off chance that you have to get up slopes on your drive, the ES4’s slant grade is 15-degrees.

Build Quality and Construction

Segway has been making individual vehicles for quite a while, so it has its development down. There’s a working design on the deck for a superior grip, and the handlebar is comfortable, as well. The bike folds up rapidly, so you can take it on transport or train if fundamental. It’s heavier than past ES models. Regarding how much weight the bike can hold, the specs state 220 pounds. For shading alternatives, you can pick dull dim or silver. The front is 8-inches, and the back is 7.5 inches. Brake on the back tires precisely, while the front tire utilizes an electrical brake situated on the handlebar. Having the option to slow down with the two tires assists with soundness.

The ES4 is an incredibly sturdy piece of equipment that lives up to the Segway name. The frame is strong and the hold scooter weighs 31 pounds. This is a bit heavier than other similar models but it is still very easy to haul somewhere. The footpad has a solid textured grip that makes it comfortable to stand on for long periods. The handlebars feel great in your hands and it is easy to steer. You can choose from either dark grey or silver and both look stylish.

They both are built with quality in mind and will no doubt reduce the amount of maintenance needed over time.


Its LED Display makes it simple to read a control panel that also connects to a phone app via Bluetooth. It is easy to manage cruise control settings, view diagnostic data, and engage the anti-theft locking system with just a few taps. Also the customizable Ambient Lights i.e The illuminated bottom can be customized with multiple colors and dimmed to preserve battery life.

Power Delivery and Battery capacity

The ES4 has a powerful motor that peaks at 800 watts when you put the pedal to the metal going up a steep hill. Regular usage sees the motor use roughly 300 watts when traversing more flat terrain. The dual batteries provide an excellent charge that can last up to 28 miles. This was more than enough to get everywhere we tried to go to our city. It takes about 7 hours to fully charge the battery so it is best done overnight.

Comfortable ride and off-roading

Surprisingly, the tires are one of the least impressive things about ES4. Segway has a history of modifying wheels during revisions to their Segway line of scooters, so the fact that ES4 wheels are identical to the rest of the ES line was a little bit disappointing.

This scooter has strong wheels, the front being 8 inches and the back is 7.5 inches. They work incredible on the surfaces they’re intended to ride on. Simply try to avoid the most different sorts of ground. The ES4 loses a ton of its quickening and footing on earth, sand, grass, and puddles. Proprietors of this bike would generally adhere to streets and walkways in any case yet wheels are seemingly the most significant part of any electric vehicle. It’s as yet a disgrace they got no adjustment in this new model.

Steering is something that Segway has consistently had made certain about and the ES4 is no special case here. Turning corners at either 5mph or 18mph are consistent and easy. You might need to do some training if this is your first electric bike however the expectation to absorb information is very minor.

Ninebot by Segway is focusing on creating recreational, self-balancing, green electric vehicles. They do have options for people to go off-road, but sadly, at the moment they don’t have any electric scooters for off-roading. The hard rubber 8-inch front and 7.5-inch hard rubber tires do not provide the best grip on wet surfaces and will shake hard going on rocky surfaces. This scooter is meant to be ridden in urban areas; streets, pavements, and pathways.

Compactness and foldability

As with almost all electric scooters, Segway ES2/ES4 is easy to fold. Just step on the small pedal at the front of your foot surface and the mainframe will fold and lock into the rear mudguard. We like the compactness of the folded scooter and how it can be wheeled along like a suitcase. It’s easy to store it in your trunk, office, or even under your bed. The unfolded dimensions are 102 × 43 × 113 cm and folded 113 × 43 × 40 cm.

This feature makes all models of Segway a compact riding device as they can be taken anywhere. Yes, they are stylish and foldable and easy to carry and hence grabs everyone’s attention.

Features of Segway Ninebot ES4

Below are the Ninebot es4 features, check them out.

Control Panel & Bluetooth

 To get to significant data like your speed, riding mode, and battery life, simply investigate the ES4’s LED screen. Segway additionally has a Bluetooth telephone application for this bike. It lets you alter the shade of your back and sidelights, and turn the front lamp on and off.

You can likewise utilize the anti-theft feature, caution, and direct vehicle diagnostics. There’s additionally a journey control alternative, which restricts your speed to a windy 12 mph. This is an incredible method to save money on battery without losing huge speed.


Safety with electric bikes is foremost. Fortunately, the ES4 Kick bike is UL 2272 ensured, which is likely the most fundamental safety highlight to search for with bikes. This affirmation implies the lithium battery framework has experienced thorough tests, so with appropriate consideration, the bike won’t detonate. You can additionally guarantee your safety by treating the battery well and never overcharging it, keeping the bike in a cool, dry spot, and just utilizing the official charger.

The bike’s lighting is additionally worth looking at, and Segway was savvy to keep the backlight is included with the ES3. You’ll be seen from behind, which is similarly as significant out and about as being seen from the front. For riding wellbeing, there are stun retentive materials, so you aren’t jostled as hard if you hit something.

Customer Service

Segway ES4 uses a 12-month limited warranty. hat applies to vehicle body parts like the deck, haggle engine get together, charge port, etc. A 180-day guarantee applies to parts like the battery charger and pack, and electronic brake segments. For parts like the handlebar holds and different parts “subject to wear,” the guarantee is 90 days. By and large, it would seem that Segway has very great client assistance audits.

Cruise Control

The cruise control feature is something we weren’t expecting to be using as much as we did but it’s really handy. Feeling the breeze on your face while cruising at around 12mph is such a sweet spot for the comfort factor. It’s a nice addition that can make your ride even cozier.

Segway Ninebot ES4

Specifications of Segway ES4

Top Speed19 MPH
Range28 miles
Warranty12 months
Weight30.9 lbs
Motor Power300W (normal) / 800W (max)
Wheel Size8″ front – 7.5″ rear
Hill Grade15 degrees
Dimensions (Folded)45x17x16 in
Dimensions (Upright)40x17x45 in
Charging7 hours
Battery Count2
Battery Capacity374 Wh

Pros and Cons of Segway ES4

  • Extra external battery
  • Long 28-mile range
  • Fast max speeds
  • Foldable for storage
  • New grip pattern
  • Rear light
  • Sleek silver finish
  • Comfortable handlebar
  • Cruise control feature
  • Only comes in two colors
  • Stand is non-adjustable
  • More expensive than previous models
  • No updates to the wheels
  • Limited terrain use

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Wrap Up

The Ninebot Segway ES4 is a good scooter that rides for miles but it has plenty of flaws, too. The fact that you can’t carry it easily because of the battery pack on the stem is a problem and that the solid rubber wheels don’t give much impact protection is another.

The price is high but the built quality and feature set ultimately make it a justifiable purchase for those who want the best equipment money can buy. We greatly enjoyed our time with the ES4 and look forward to Segway’s next offering.

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